Annual Solar Wind Speed Maps

Synoptic Source Surface Maps in the Carrington Rotation Number versus Heliographic Latitude.
The Source Surface was assumed to be at 2.5 solar radii. The IPS-CAT method was applied to derive these maps. The data file for each year includes 11 CRs.

Note: "dat 1" from the CAT analysis using only V data (Tokumaru et al., 922:73, 2021).

Sample Fortran program to read the data
PARAMETER (nlota=11,nlon=nlota*360,nlat=180)
c                    =11 rotations*360 deg
REAL      vg  (nlon,nlat)  ! for 11 rotations
DO j=1,nlat
   DO i=1,nlon
      read(10,*) vg(i,j)
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